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Overseas Service Trip

From 13th to 19th August 2023, Boundless organized the Overseas Service Trip (the first trip after the outbreak of the pandemic). During this 7-day-6-night, Mentees travelled to Mongolia to organize voluntary service for the local students and experience the local culture.


Boundless Mentees taught the Mongolian students how to make balloon-powered cars to compete with each other. Also, in the team games, students exchanged ideas and cultures to learn more about each other’s stories and lifestyles. Apart from the energetic events, mentees led the local students to enjoy the peace and happiness of drawing and had the chance to decorate the Mongolian campus. In the cultural exchange session, Boundless Mentees introduced Hong Kong Culture to the local students by making lanterns, malt biscuits and Hong Kong-style milk tea, and even singing Cantonese popular songs. Mongolian volunteers also joined us to share their traditional songs and dance together. All shared joyful moments regardless of the language barrier.


During the journey, Boundless Mentees gained valuable life experience through living in the local family yurt, experiencing the life of living in nature. Although there were unexpected situations, mentees cherished the chance to escape from the urban city and enjoyed the happiness of watching the night sky, which brought them unique experiences.




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