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Easter Gathering

The Easter Gathering was successfully held on 10th April 2023. In the social simulation game, our mentees experienced three important learning stages, primary, secondary and tertiary education, and also got to know more about occupations in the society. In this session, mentees were inspired to reflect on the meaning of learning and life. At night, mentees gathered around to enjoy delicious dinner, and shared their stories, creating delighted memories.

復活節聚會在2023年4月10日成功舉辦! 學員們一起參加了模擬社會遊戲,從中感受小學、中學和大學三個重要的學習階段,並淺嘗職業工作階段,引發對於學習和人生意義的思考。當晚,學員們一同享受美味的晚餐,分享彼此的喜怒哀樂,聚在一起創造快樂的回憶。

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