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8th kick-off ceremony

Twenty mentees from the 8th Boundless cohort embarked on their journey on November 4, 2023. Through goal-setting and orientation sessions, mentors and mentees had the valuable opportunity to foster mutual understanding and define their goals for the upcoming year.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to the co-founders, Shirley, Wilson, and Kenny, for their insightful video contributions. We would also like to extend our appreciation to overseas committee members Louis and Sam for their valuable insights. Their shared wisdom has enriched our learning experience. Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge the valuable contributions of two mentees from the 7th cohort who generously shared their experiences and personal growth. Their stories have inspired and motivated us.


我們由衷感謝Boundless聯合創始人Shirley、Wilson和Kenny 以及 海外委員Louis 和 Sam 透過影片方式,分享自己的故事和生活,為學員提供寶貴的見解和知識;亦十分感謝第七屆學員分享他們過去一年的經歷和成長,激勵並啟發新一屆的學員。


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