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Frequently asked questions



Do we all get to travel overseas for free if we successfully enrolled in boundless? 

The answer is YES! The fee of the trip is fully sponsored by YMCA! Mentee are not required to pay extra fee for that. 


How can I join your events?

If you are a secondary school student, join our community as a mentee!
If you are an university student, join us as a mentor!
If you are alumni, join Clapotis!


What is the duration of the programme?

Our scheme would last for 10 months. There will be at least one activity per month, usually held on weekends.

You could engage yourself in a wide range of activities, including social gatherings, job shadowing and skills workshops.


Does non-academic performance take a big part in the consideration of applicants?

We value both academic and non-academic performance of applicants. Yet, we would also consider other factors, including but not limited to interview performance, financial background and personal statement. What we cherish most would be your determination to make a change and step out from your comfort zone!


Would family background and financial background would be a main consideration?

We have various considerations when intaking an applicant, including but NOT limited to family and financial background. So please feel free to come to our interview and see how far will we go!


What are the selection criteria to get in Boundless?

The major criteria include your academic performance, interview, and personal statement.

A little tip here for interview : Show us your true self! We would like to know more about you during the interview. So remember to talk more and talk in depth.


Will the interview be conducted in English?

The interview will be conducted in both Cantonese and English! Being proficient in English is a bonus! As we will provide English tutors for you! So no worries, let's improve!


I am afraid that I cannot join all activities of Boundless? Does that matter?

We hope every mentee could attend all of the activities provided. All the activities and resources provided here are precious, and we hope all participants could seize every single chance to learn. The more you commit to Boundless, the more you can learn!


What kind of support do boundless provide?

Boundless will provide YOU with...

Mentorship programme : Mentors can   advise their mentees on a variety of aspects, such as university application, academic advice, subject choices

and life planning.
Skills workshops: Students can be better prepared for interviews and writing their CVs. They will know more about different fields on Academic Explorations Days.
Job shadowing: Students can have a taste of the actual working environment and be able to make a more informed decision on their university subjects
Overseas service trip: Participants will decide on the volunteering content by initiating different activities themselves.

Privacy Policy

[Purpose of Collection]

The YMCA of Hong Kong (“YMCA”) will collect your personal data to provide you/ the applicant activities, programmes or services relevant to your needs, including but not limited to monitoring, review and development of activities, programmes or services. The provision of personal data by you is voluntary. However, if you do not provide sufficient information, we may not be able to process your application or provide service to you. 

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