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About Us

Boundless empowers students to pursue their aspirations

In the belief that every single student deserves the opportunity to flourish and realise their potentials, Boundless empowers students to pursue their aspirations. Our mission is to run a programme for under-resourced student. We provide them mentorship that facilitates their personal growth, and trainings that equip them with skills that help them succeed in their respective pursuits. It is our hope that through our programme, students learn to take self-initiative of their development, to be confident in themselves, and to openly embrace new experiences. At Boundless, we recognize that academic attainment in school is certainly important as to securing education and career opportunities, yet the ultimate determinants to success lie beyond such qualifications. By offering a mix of learning experiences and exposure in our programme, we are hopeful that our students will grow into motivated individuals that thrive in the long run.



In 2016, Boundless was co-founded by five university students brought together by a shared belief that there should be greater access to educational and personal development opportunities. Most notably, students from low income households typically cannot tap into the resources and networks that are often available at better-funded schools and third-party education services providers.

Taking inspiration from the various experiences which they have personally benefitted from, the co-founders set out to design a year-long programme that brings together the some of the most valuable opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible to students from under-resourced backgrounds.  Through Boundless they hope to collaborate with other stakeholders in society to provide the necessary resources to support aspirational students in their respective quests in life.

Boundless has since then been led and operated by a committee consisting of university students and staff at the YMCA of Hong Kong. The co-founders remain active in steering the long term development of Boundless.


Shirley Wong

Law, University of Cambridge


Aaron Tam

Economics, University of Cambridge


Justin Ng

Economics, University of Cambridge

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